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means inspiring and supporting donors to give at their full potential.

means giving while living.

means building a values-driven business.

means effective grantmaking that creates an impact.

About Jen Klaassens

She is impassioned, energetic, dynamic, and leaves a lasting impression on everyone she meets. She even had a day named after her. Her name is Jen Klaassens, and yes, the city of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County proclaimed April 14, 2010 Jen Klaassens Appreciation Day to honor Jen for all of the remarkable philanthropic contributions and accomplishments that benefited the community throughout the years. During the last 13 years, Jen has advised and helped nurture hundreds of nonprofits, businesses and foundations that are thriving today. She is a lifelong volunteer, fundraiser, donor and a former executive of a grantmaking family foundation. She is a Purpose Driven Human.

Over the past decade+, Jen has been awarded the following honors:

What people say about Jen...

From Foundation, Business, and Nonprofit Leaders.

Testimonials from Foundation Leaders

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jen for several years and I have always been impressed with her proven track record of success. She is incredibly personable and has a warm spirit about her. She never misses a deadline and I know when she is managing an event it will happen exactly as planned….or better!“

- Henry Berman, CEO, Exponent Philanthropy

“I have known Jen for almost 10 years primarily through the Philanthropic world here in South Florida. I have always been impressed with her knowledge and passion when it comes to being a voice for the underserved and underprivileged. Be it children’s needs or victims of human trafficking, Jen has always given her 110% dedication to the needs of our South Florida community. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen Klaassens Consulting for the services she provides.“

- Jon Batchelor, Vice President, Batchelor Foundation

“As a trustee of the board of directors at the Baxter Foundation it has been a privilege to work with Jen. I feel strongly that our most significant decision was to secure the services of Jen Klaassens Consulting. Jen is truly a joy to work with and always goes the extra mile for her clients in ways that speak of dedication to the task at hand.“

- Dave Donten, Trustee, Baxter Foundation

“Jen Klaassens has an infectious energy and passion and is one of the rare individuals who help strengthen foundation and nonprofit partnerships. Jen is dedicated to helping nonprofits and foundations collaborate more effectively for real impact on pressing social issues. You will not find anyone else with as much expertise and hands-on experience as Jen. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly knows this business.“

- George Taylor, Board Member, Salah Foundation

Testimonials from Business Leaders

“Jen Klaassens is a brilliant and hard-working business woman who understands non-profits and the business of strategic philanthropy. She is a master at connecting the dots for the good of our community. For the past seven years, she built and orchestrated the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce’s nonprofit group to 125 plus business and nonprofit executives who attend monthly. She consistently exceeds my greatest expectations and I highly recommend her abilities and services of Jen Klaassens Consulting.“

- Dan Lindblade, CAE | President & CEO, The Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

“Jen is a catalyst for change and I am continuously impressed with her ability to build strong collaborative partnerships with foundations, nonprofit agencies, and the business community. She is skilled in managing people and sensitive to their needs and concerns. We have worked together for years and when you get Jen you get her heart and passion and that is priceless.“

- John Offerdahl, President, Offerdahl’s Café Grill

“After meeting with Jen, I knew she had the secret sauce. She showed great knowledge and passion about what she can do to help grow my business. She explained to me what tools I should use and how I should use them in order to maximize my community involvement. If you are looking to grow your business in the community, with the know-how and passion that Jen has, you need hire her! I’m glad I did.“

– Sam DeBianchi, President, DeBianchi Real Estate

Testimonials from Nonprofit Leaders

“Jen is a one-of-a-kind problem-solver, and a change agent who inspires people to work together to find innovative solutions to some of society’s most complex problems. Jen approaches work with integrity and thoughtfulness. She is sensitive to the needs of others, and her inclusive approach to collaboration clearly reflects her appreciation of diverse perspectives. Jen is professional, genuine, and above all, passionate about making the world a better place.“

– Dr. Ana E. Calderon Randazzo, Executive Director, Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center.

“Jen Klaassens knows the philanthropic community as well as anyone, and she understands both sides of the equation. Whether your organization is planning to raise funds or donate them, Jen’s involvement is priceless. She has secured many donations over the years and she has offered high level introductions to our organization.“

- Kevin Janser, Sr. Vice President, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Foundation & Memorial Foundation

“Jen Klaassens is THE go to woman in the Broward County nonprofit world. Her insight, strategic thinking, and deep understanding of what drives the sector makes her an indispensable asset, mentor, and coach.“

- Betsi Kassebaum, CEO, Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civic Engagement

“Jen Klaassens is without a doubt a pillar of our community, philanthropic or otherwise. I consider her a mentor and friend. I can directly attribute six plus figure gifts because of her introductions and thoughtful nurturing. She makes things happen. From her decade of experience growing hundreds of nonprofits, and with her insight and compassion she provides keen, spot-on counsel and advice. She is a trusted strategic partner.“

- Colleen Lockwood, Vice President of Advancement, Children’s Rescue Coalition

“Jen is really an amazing person who passionately helps charitable organizations help themselves. She is a person who genuinely wants to help make her community a better place to live. We adore and respect her and the services Jen Klaassens Consulting provides make a difference. I highly recommend Jen she is simply impressive and an invaluable person to have on your dream team.“

- Laurie Sallarulo, CEO, Junior Achievement

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