Inspired Philanthropy™

means developing a strategy around your corporate giving.

means becoming a better corporate citizen that fosters good will.

means aligning your passions with the needs of the nonprofits.

means using your business as a tool to accomplish a community goal.

means inspiring and supporting donors to give at their full potential.

means giving while living.

means building a values-driven business.

means effective grantmaking that creates an impact.

  • Inspired
  • Our goal in assisting you is not to just give back to the community, but to give back strategically. Business leaders sometimes don't know the best ways to make heartfelt community investments that also help to build their companies. Collaborating with nonprofits can enhance critical business goals, especially branding, marketing, and employee retention. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not going to solve the world's problems. That said, CSR is a way for companies to benefit themselves while also benefiting society. Community engagement is no longer a "nice thing to do"; it is a "necessary thing to do!" We can help you discover the potential of effective nonprofit partnerships with your business. Together, we can create results that take less of your time and provide more benefits to you, your company and the community.

    Our Services for Businesses Include:

    • Establishing and advancing your company’s brand and visibility in the community by communicating specific company values related to philanthropic activities to your customers.
    • Developing initiatives that energize employees, enhance your company’s reputation, and enable connections with like-minded organizations.
    • Developing guidelines to position your company as a “force for good.”
    • Offering customized advice to help your business develop corporate responsibility policies, prioritize community engagement, structure long-term philanthropic partnerships, and more.
    • Assessing company strengths and available resources, and identifying nonprofit organizations to maximize employee participation in the philanthropic process.
    • Developing business relationships as two-way partnerships between businesses and nonprofits.
    • Identifying and developing effective programs that meet critical needs in the community, and determining how your business can help by offering time/talent/treasures.
    • Providing help for business leaders to navigate the confusing world of nonprofit sponsorship opportunities.
    • Identifying nonprofit organizations that fit your goals.


    From Foundation, Business, and Nonprofit Leaders.

    Jen is a catalyst for change and I am continuously impressed with her ability to build strong collaborative partnerships with foundations, nonprofit agencies, and the business community. She is skilled in managing people and sensitive to their needs and concerns. We have worked together for years and when you get Jen you get her heart and passion and that is priceless.

    John Offerdahl, President, Offerdahl’s Café Grill


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