Inspired Philanthropy™

means developing a strategy around your corporate giving.

means becoming a better corporate citizen that fosters good will.

means aligning your passions with the needs of the nonprofits.

means using your business as a tool to accomplish a community goal.

means inspiring and supporting donors to give at their full potential.

means giving while living.

means building a values-driven business.

means effective grantmaking that creates an impact.

  • Inspired
  • It is easy to give away money, but difficult to do it well. Our clients generally are interested in effective philanthropy and giving beyond simple charity, and are in favor of a more developed philanthropic strategy. We work with legal and financial advisors and wealth managers to integrate innovative philanthropic solutions for their clients through fee-based advice. As your “Giving Advisor”, we will provide guidance to focus your philanthropic efforts on achieving the greatest impact while accurately reflecting your goals.

    Our Services for Individuals include:

    • Showing you how to go beyond simply writing a check.
    • Developing a strategic outlook for charitable funding that clearly links the recipient organization’s mission to your goals/mission.
    • Analyzing potential options for giving while taking into consideration the amount of involvement you desire, and managing/reviewing philanthropic requests.
    • Conducting due diligence/site visits.
    • Designing and overseeing grantmaking initiatives.
    • Evaluating the results of the philanthropic program to determine its impact and, if necessary, modifying the program to attain the desired results.


    From Foundation, Business, and Nonprofit Leaders.

    Jen Klaassens has an infectious energy and passion and is one of the rare individuals who help strengthen foundation and nonprofit partnerships. Jen is dedicated to helping nonprofits and foundations collaborate more effectively for real impact on pressing social issues. You will not find anyone else with as much expertise and hands-on experience as Jen. She is extremely knowledgeable and truly knows this business.

    George Taylor, Board Member, Salah Foundation


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