Inspired Philanthropy™

means developing a strategy around your corporate giving.

means becoming a better corporate citizen that fosters good will.

means aligning your passions with the needs of the nonprofits.

means using your business as a tool to accomplish a community goal.

means inspiring and supporting donors to give at their full potential.

means giving while living.

means building a values-driven business.

means effective grantmaking that creates an impact.

  • Inspired
  • Helping others succeed builds stronger communities. We exist to leave the world a better place. It is a lot of work to achieve this goal and the great part is that we get to do it together. The most important word in fundraising is impact, and we help nonprofit organizations optimally leverage their networks to create impact. We think critically and creatively. The nonprofits we work with have the passion and desire to help others; they just need more revenue to further their mission.

    Our Services for Nonprofits Include:

    Coaching for Impact:

    • One-on-one coaching for executive & development directors. We bring a fresh perspective and new energy to what you are doing and where you want to go. We lead nonprofits to navigate real change.
    • As your leadership coach, we are your strategic partner helping you analyze your challenges and concerns.
    • Analyzing potential options for giving while taking into consideration the amount of involvement you desire, and managing/reviewing philanthropic requests.
    • Exclusive Nonprofit Opportunity:

    • We assist a select number of nonprofit coaching clients each year.

      As the nonprofit go-to expert we will help you:

    • Evaluate possible business partnerships for your organization, examine future opportunities, and address fund raising hurdles.
    • Address board management struggles and brainstorm new approaches.
    • Create business-like approaches to make your nonprofit’s ask stand out.
    • Develop business relationships as two-way partnerships.
    • Increase board & donor engagement.
    • Create greater financial sustainability, and clearer strategic thinking.

    • Other Services for Nonprofits Include:

      Community Planning:

    • Designing and implementing projects to help service providers, funders, and policymakers bring community-level perspectives to the table.
    • Creating community projects that inspire transformational change and create a lasting impact.
    • Assisting nonprofits with their “special impact projects.”


    From Foundation, Business, and Nonprofit Leaders.

    Jen is really an amazing person who passionately helps charitable organizations help themselves,” She is a person who genuinely wants to help make her community a better place to live. We adore and respect her and the services Jen Klaassens Consulting provides make a difference. I highly recommend Jen she is simply impressive and an invaluable person to have on your dream team.

    Laurie Salrullo, CEO, Junior Achievement


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